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Advantages of Mobile Clinic
You and your pet can relax in the familiarity of your own home instead of dealing with the hassles of having to travel to a fixed clinic. This can be especially convenient for people who are busy or those individuals with low or no mobility. Just think how easy it will be when the veterinary office is right outside your door. This mobile veterinary office makes house calls and that means no more scary rides for your pet. Gone are the overcrowded waiting rooms where the loud noises can be traumatic for cats and where dogs can have embarrassing accidents. Dr. Guerrero provides the professional care your pet deserves in the comfort of a veterinary clinic that comes to you!

A visit to the vet can be an incredibly stressful, even traumatic, experience for many pets (not to mention their owners). The car ride, strange sights and sounds of the waiting room, and unfamiliar surroundings produce significant anxiety in many animals, which is especially undesirable in animals that already may not be feeling well. It can also cause your pet to mask certain signs and symptoms, making evaluation and diagnosis more difficult. A veterinary house call provides a comfortable, relaxed environment for your pet, which can result in a more accurate diagnosis and/or more effective treatment.

A House Call is Good for:
  • Pets that don't travel well
  • Nervous pets who need reduced-stress exams
  • No exposure to sick, contagious animals or fleas
  • No traveling through bad weather
  • Home-bound owners
  • Multiple pet households
  • Senior Citizens and busy parents
  • Anyone who never wants to waste time in a veterinary waiting room again