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Home Veterinary Care of Fort Lauderdale is fully licensed and provides a broad range of veterinary services for cats and dogs including:

Wellness exams
for puppies, kittens, as well as adult and elderly dogs and cats including diagnosis and treatment for pets with medical problems, including lab tests, blood and urine analysis, and biopsies.


Yearly heartworm and intestinal parasite examinations including de-worming

Spays and Neuters

Cat Declawing

Diagnostic Testing
including heartworm testing, urine analysis, and fecal analysis are done in-house with results in minutes. Outside labs are utilized for some tests that your pet may require, and the results are typically available the following day.

General surgery

Fluid Therapy

Dental Scaling and Polishing:
Regular dental care for both cats and dogs has been shown to extend their life by two to five years. That is because, like humans, dog and cat teeth and gums are susceptible to oral diseases such as gingivitis and periodontal disease. In fact, dental problems are some of the most common problems vets encounter in pets; and the American Veterinary Dental Society reports that an astounding seventy percent of cats and an even higher eighty percent of dogs show signs of oral disease by age three.

Regularly scheduled complete dental scaling and polishing can help reduce the risk of oral disease for your pet. Bad breath, drooling, reluctance to eat hard foods, and red, inflamed or bleeding gums can are all signs of dental problems and can be treated and even totally avoided with dental care.

Dental scaling and teeth polishing is done under anesthesia with close monitoring. Fluoride is administered to your pet's teeth at the end. Your pet will usually be awake within 30 minutes after the procedure. One of the benefits of a mobile veterinary clinic is that after the procedure, your pet can wake-up comfortable in the quiet and safety of your home.

Surgery and Anesthesia:
Utilizing safe anesthetic protocols is very important to us. We use only the highest quality anesthetics available to provide that extra margin of safety. As a full veterinary office, we do everything to ensure every surgical and dental procedure is safe and pain-free for your pet's quick recovery by monitoring the:

  • EKG
  • Pulse
  • Respiration
  • Blood Oxygen Concentration
  • Blood Pressure
  • Temperature

Intravenous fluids are administered when necessary and a veterinary technician is always present for surgical and dental procedures.

In most cases, your pet will be awake within 30 minutes after the procedure and can wake up comfortably in your home.

At Home Euthanasia:
Home Veterinary Care of Fort Lauderdale is able to provide painless euthanasia at your home for pets that have reached the end of their lives. A mobile veterinary office means that your pet's last moments can be spent in your home, surrounded by the people and things both loved and familiar. In order to make sure that the pet is not anxious, fearful, or feel any pain when the final injection is given, a sedative is commonly administered.

The On-Board Pharmacy
carries proven treatments and preventatives for fleas and ticks as well as preventatives against heartworms along with the most commonly prescribed medications for both dogs and cats, allowing Dr. Guerrero to give your pet the finest veterinary care as fast as possible.